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2011.04.21 Seminar Notice

2011.04.06 14:30

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Prof. Namkug Kim, Ph.D.


Department of Radiology


Asan Medical Center


College of Medicine, University of Ulsan




Thursday April 21, 2011, 4:00~5:00 pm



E1 Seminar Room (3213), Mechanical Engineering (N7)





Computer-Aided Radiology and Surgery










Various medical-image-based surgery supports will be presented in this talk. Most of medical images can be digitalized and used for various clinical purposes. However, the usability of archived images is far from satisfaction. In the field of radiology, the images are referred only once by a radiologist for diagnosis and then discarded into the repository. The rapid development of recent medical imaging equipment which produces a very accurate image data, however, could be used for surgical procedure. This opens up opportunities in medical image processing and surgery supports including image-guided navigator and surgery system.

The basic technology of this research consists of medical image processing, image segmentation & registration, image analysis & understanding, surgery planning, surgical navigator etc. This seminar will present experiences of collaboration with radiologists , surgeons, orthodontists and orthopedist at Seoul National University and Asan Medical Center. This experience includes oral and maxilla-facial surgery among others.


Conflict of interest Prof. Namkug Kim is a principal investigator of the development project of the surgical planning software, funded by Hyundai Heavy Industries, Co, Ltd.






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