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Kick-off meeting of Small research association

2011.08.17 10:40

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Kick-off meeting of Small research association (haptic interface research association for medical telerobotics)
소규모 연구회 (의료용 원격로봇을 위한 햅틱인터페이스 기술 연구회)의 Kick-Off 모임


When: 8/13(Sat) 12:00
Where: Seoul Cheongdam-dong (서울 청담동)


We had a great time at Buonposto(본뽀스또) restaurant on last saturday.
The professor, 7 alumni (Hyun Joong Yoon, Seong Youb Chung, Kyungno Lee, Myun Joong Hwang, Hyun Soo Woo, Hyoung Il Son, and Jang Ho Cho) and 3 students (Hoe Ryong Jung, Yunjin Gu, and Hyuk Wang) were attended.
Important achievement during this time was to develop stronger ties between current students and alumni including the professor.
And, we talked about an overview of researches trend in medical robotics and simulation.


Thank you.