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  • Direction from Expo IC
    Gyeongbu Expressway → Hoeduk IC → Honam Expressway → Exit at the Expo Tollgate → Left turn → proceed under the bridge and go straight at the following intersection (towards the Daedeok Science Town) → right turn at Daedeok Lotte Hotel → keep going straight → make a right turn after passing Expo Park (before crossing Daedeok Bridge) → proceed past the National Science Museum for 3 km → KAIST Main Gate on the right side.
  • Direction from Yusung IC
    Exit from the Yusung Tollgate and make a right turn → make a right at the following intersection → continue going straight → DO NOT go down the underpass but proceed straight by turning slightly to the right → go past Chungnam University (slightly to the left) → proceed straight → go past the YuSung district office → make a left at the KAIST main gate.